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What is high fence whitetail hunting?

What is high fence whitetail hunting?

November 09, 2023 by

What is High fence whitetail hunting? 

High fence hunting refers to ranches with fences surrounding the borders of a property and is often known as whitetail hunting preserves. The fences surrounding the property are meant to keep the deer inside and the predators out. They also serve as an excellent way to manage a herd of deer so they can reach a mature age and grow huge antlers. These types of properties are also used to manage, research, and improve the genetics of the deer, providing better health and maximum antler size. Hunting whitetails in the rich South Dakota prairie gives hunters a different experience from many hunting over hundreds of acres of woods.

How do whitetail preserve hunts differ from free-range hunts? 

High fence whitetail hunting differs from free-range hunting in a number of ways. Hunting whitetail preserves does not take away from the natural wildlife conditions these deer live in but offers better success rates. For hunters desiring a challenge these hunts still require skill, passion, and patience to harvest a trophy whitetail buck. While fences are up to keep predators and trespassers out, the hunting grounds remain the same whether they are fenced or not. Many people believe these hunts are guaranteed, and as in any hunt, nothing is guaranteed. However, hunting preserves offer higher numbers of whitetails, are highly managed, and provide guides that know their way around the terrain they still provide the ultimate hunting experience.

Why hunt with SoDak Prairie Acres? 

SoDak Prairie Acres offers a unique whitetail hunting experience in the rolling prairie of South Dakota. Our hunting preserve property is covered with tall grasses, rich prairie land, agricultural fields, cattail sloughs, and tree groves for shelter. Our well-managed trophy whitetail population thrives in this kind of habitat year-round. All of these characteristics combined with our experienced guides provide you with an experience you will never forget. We guarantee 100% shot opportunity on your trophy whitetail hunt at our ranch.

The combined experience of the owners, guides, and ranch managers at SoDak Prairie exhibits their love for quality deer management and ample harvest opportunities. Their expertise in habitat management and genetics provide whitetails with the ultimate sanctuary and hunters with a true hunting adventure. We are here to work with all levels of hunter experience. Whether you are a seasoned veteran, youth hunter, or physically challenged, we will cater to your wants and needs. It is our goal to offer the ultimate South Dakota trophy whitetail hunting experience to anyone who wishes to pursue these animals.

Where is the best place to plan an high fence whitetail hunt?

There are many places in the United States to plan a great high fence whitetail hunt. Texas, Arkansas, Mississippi all offer great options but we prefer South Dakota for a great experience. The mix of wide open spaces and different types of terrain make it ideal. 

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